What better way to celebrate a birthday than by performing a ritual!
And what better day to perform a ritual than on a witches birthday!
So as you can clearly begin to put together…a witches birthday, just like everyone else, is a chance to be the star of the show!

How To Perform A Witches Birthday Ritual…

Well for those that are looking for a step by step, ingredient by ingredient, correct moon phasing description…you will not need that here!

One of the most beautiful aspects of this ritual is that it is perhaps one of the most personalized rituals that you will do…and it absolutely should be that way!

You see, the Witches Birthday Ritual truly is a celebration of YOU! It is a time to reflect and celebrate not only your achievements over the last year but also to give thanks and gratitude.

It is to give blessings for all you have experienced and to acknowledge and appreciate the guidance and intuition you have also received along the way. It's about realigning and reconfirming your beliefs and looking to the future of the next 12 months.

So I guess, what I am saying here, is that this is YOUR DAY and you should celebrate it exactly as you see fit! I can certainly give you a few ideas but it really is that reminder that its OK to take a day for yourself and truly celebrate it to the fullest – and be selfish!

Again, following on with the celebrate you theme, your party can be as simple or as lavish as you want!

You can celebrate with a group of like minded friends, a small family gathering or even just by yourself if that feels right! You can choose your own sacred space, inside, outside – again, whatever feels right and puts you in the most ease and embodies the energy you wish to share and embrace.

Some Witches Birthday Ritual Suggestions…

You should most definitely have your altar play a part! Fill it up with your favorite colors, favorite crystals and flowers and perhaps a few of your most precious and most loved items.

You could also add your birth stone or maybe even a symbol of your astrological star sign. Don't forget some symbolism of your chosen deities, gods, goddesses, spirit animals, guides or anything else you hold dear and wish to share this experience with.

And of course, plenty of candles, not just the plain white ones today though. All kinds, colors and scents – your favorite ones naturally!

Once you are happy with the set-up, let the fun begin!

Like any true birthday celebration, there should be a feast of somewhat! This Witches Birthday Ritual feast should be comprised of all your favorite food and drinks. If you are on a diet or some other kind of ridged meal plan, then as long as it is safe to do so, cancel it for this one day and enjoy!

Then its just a case of playing your favorite music, dancing, singing or whatever makes you happy!

During this time is when you really think about and reflect on your past 12 months and celebrate your wins, reflect positively on your challenges, set new goals and reconfirm your beliefs and direction moving forward.

Open your gifts if you have been fortunate enough to be given some and perhaps even spoil yourself with a altar tool or decoration that you've really wanted.

Enjoy your celebrations to the fullest and end the day/night by asking the universal powers to provide you gifts of abundance, love, happiness and health.

Enjoy your special day!

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