Across all magick and witchcraft, the Elements are awarded a crucial and important role to play.

There are 4 elements in total, Earth, Water, Fire and Air and each element comes with its own spirit guardian – also known as an elemental. The elements themselves, in combination with the elementals are used in spell casting. You will also soon learn that each element is also closely linked to a particular season.

The Four Elements ~ Spirit Science 18 - YouTube

Fire Element

Fire energies are exciting and powerful and just perfect for purging / getting rid of something unwanted in your life. The elemental for fire is the Salamander and due to its power, care should always be taken when invoking it. Perhaps more than ever, it is crucial to clearly state the wish and intent to “Harm none” whenever performing a Fire spell or ritual.

To attune to the element of Fire you could build a bonfire, have a BBQ or simply gaze and stare into the flames of a real coal or log fire. You could even take the simple approach by lighting a selection of candles or even sunbathing on a warm day!

Water Element

Here with my favorite element, water magick is mostly used for healing and health including harmony, tranquility and of course everything to do with emotions and without a doubt, cleansings.

Undines are the beautiful, mermaid like beings that symbolize the elementals of water. Their whole being is about governing the tides and most importantly, always working to cleanse our waterways of pollution.

Perhaps the most simple and easy elemental to attune with, you just need to get wet! Go for a swim, take a bath or shower or even go for a paddle or dip your feet into a stream, pool, lake or of course the ocean.

If like myself, you feel a strong attraction to the Water Element then a great way to always stay attuned is by adding a water feature to your home or office. There are so many options to choose from and any size or shape will do nicely. Just choose one that appeals to you and puts you into state or water appreciation, harmony and solitude.

The Four Elements (Temperaments) and Holistic Healing
What's Your Favorite Element?

Earth Element

For all areas of Growth and Fertility, you will need to call upon the powers of the Earth Element. Matters of prosperity, your career, luck and also hearth magick are controlled by the Earth element so a great area to focus on and ensure a positive connection! It is an element to pull things towards you so definitely include it in anything to do with desired acquisitions.

The Guardian Elementals of Earth are gnomes and to attune with them is as easy as taking a “turn” through the woods, a walk in the park (figuratively) or a leisurely stroll through gardens – just anywhere you can embrace and get in tune with Mother Nature.

Air Element

When it comes to spells, rituals and magick to do with creativity, inspiration, intellect, success, improving your talents, inspiring ambition and helping you realise your wildest dreams – the Air Elementals are what you need!

The Guardians of the Air Element are sylphs. Sylphs are creatures not dissimilar to faeries and they help control the winds.

To attune to these Guardians in yet another super important category, hanging wind chimes in and around your home or office is a great start. On a windy day, instead of sheltering inside, go out and take a walk in it – subject to it being safe to do so of course! You can also pick up and collect feathers you may “randomly” come across and if you want to be specific and ultra focused, an interest in the study of Augury (which is roughly the study and interpretation of bird flight) will also help you attune.

Balancing the Four Elements for Health and Wellbeing

The 4 Elements and Balance…

As you have read above, there are many great qualities, attributes and desired outcomes in each of the 4 Elements. No particular element is better or stronger and there is no need to only choose one to live by.

It is all a case of channeling what you need at that time as well as being aware of and paying respect to all 4 Elements as you live your life.

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